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A local focus in the global marketplace!


This website is about putting local artists and events in touch with local people – wherever they are.

I’ve always been interested in creativity. Even before I became an artist.  I visit lots of events,  I meet lots of other artists, potters, jewellers and I’m amazed by how many artistic and creative people there are.  I’m even more amazed that most people aren’t aware of the brilliant artists in their area.

The aim of this website is to put local people in touch with the creative people in their area.

As the site develops you will find more and more of those artists here. 

Through my blog I will tell you about events I have been to, events I plan to visit and I will share with you the artists I have particularly enjoyed and which you might enjoy too.

There are always more artists that I like than I have space to mention, so I will provide you with links where you can find out more.

Would you like to be informed?  It’s easy.

Would you like to tell me about amazing art in your area?  It’s easy!

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It Could Be You!

Tired of trying to promote your work? Feeling guilty that you don’t?

If you would like me to invite you to showcase your work for you on this website, and promote your events/exhibitions in my blog, let me know.

For just £25 per year AND NO COMMISSION ON SALES, if I like your work I will be happy to help to spread the word about the amazing talent we have in our independent artists and crafters!



CRAFTED BY HAND - MASHAM Saturday 3rd Sunday 4th November 2018 Showcasing the best artists and craft makers in the North East   Masham is always a great little market town to visit at any time of...

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