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Alan Morley

alan morleyAlan Morley is based in Teesside.  Among other themes Alan’s work emphases images and famous landmarks of North Yorkshire, Cleveland and North East England.  He often applies famous artistic twists to his work which you could say elevate them into the pantheon of traditional `high art’.

Alan was part of the New Wave Art, or New Wave Painting scene in the 1980s, just ahead of Brit Art.  His powerful approach to painting resonates with his home audience.  He’s an international artist admired by many collectors globally. 

Alan feels it is important to support local art and local artists.  He is an officer in the thriving Cleveland Art Society and Gallery TS1.  Gallery TS1 is an art and crafts outlet in Middlesbrough town centre.  Find out more about TS1 by following this link to their Facebook page:

Alan’s sales of original art, prints and cards helps to promote this region’s part of England to a worldwide audience.  He is also a regular exhibitor at the Palace Arts Gallery in the seaside town of Redcar.

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