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A Two Weekend Treat

15th and 16th Sept and 22nd and 23 September

10am – 5pm




It’s such a pleasure to see one of my favourite artists Pete Edwards opening his studio barn at Hayton near York to the general public again this year.  I purchased the above Linocut from him in 2016 and it continues to give me great pleasure.  Well worth a visit not only to see the fabulous work of Pete and his wife and fellow artist textile designer Liz but they are such a talented and interesting couple who will make you very welcome.


My visit this year was a fleeting one, but I did have time to visit 3 new artists who I would like to mention. To find out more about who is exhibiting in each area, or more about the artists below, click on the areas or names of individual artists which will take you to the relevant link.


Independent jeweller Avril Cheetham works in silver, gold, copper and enamel.  She is often inspired by the weather and I was especially interested in her beautiful silver pieces depicting isobars and other weather fronts.  One of her isobar pins was shown to be worn by a local tv weather presenter!
















Penny and Avril are exhibiting in the same space so I spent many enjoyable moments talking to them both, learning about their craft.

I was especially attracted to Penny’s smoke fired seals mounted on drift wood as I live close to the sea and often catch a glimpse of one of these elusive creatures.  I was also very tempted by her bunnies and was intrigues by her `ammonite’ range of bowls and plaques. See more of her work on her facebook page by clicking here 

Lillo Pisano

Lillo works from home in the most amazingly tidy workshop located in his garden.  He is a goldsmith by profession but his burgeoning interest in recycling has fed into his artistic passion.  He has now integrated these two passions to create the most amazing pieces of art and jewellery, mostly from recycled materials.  His work ranges from pieces created by bits of discarded wood, metal or plastic, to refashioning precious metals and gems.  He also paints on canvas.

Recycling supermarket bags is at the forefront of everyone’s shopping focus these days.  He wondered what would happen if he melted a bag down in his oven.  Would he be able to make something from it?  Well, this ring is the result. 

Can you guess which supermarket bag it might have been in another life?

I had such an interesting time enjoying the hospitality of Lillo and his wife, learning about the concept and `story’ behind each of his pieces. 





HELP!  Unfortunately, as much as I would love to visit East Yorkshire is such a wide area I can’t make it to these regions this year; I’m travelling in the opposite direction.  But I would love it if anyone who makes the trip can share their comments with us on this page. 

There’s a box for you to do this at the bottom of the page. 

If you would also like to send me photos then please send them to me via email.  I include artists in this too!  I’d love to share your day!

I used to live in Beverley so I have a particular fondness for this beautiful town.  If you have never been there then you really will not be disappointed if you take a trip.




There is a detailed map pinpointing all of the places to visit – artists’ studios and homes. Unfortunately it is not available on-line this year and copyright laws make me anxious about copying the pages here, but you can pick up a brochure at any of their locations, or contact them through the link to their website which I’ve given you at the top of this page, or inbox them on Facebook by following this link






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My main interest is in putting ordinary people in touch with extraordinary art!


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