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About Us

The local focus in a global marketplace.  

An affordable website putting local artists in touch with local people.

It never ceases to amaze me how many artistic and creative people there are. It amazes me even more that most local people aren’t aware of them.  

This web site has been designed so that local people can easily find local art and crafts for in their area. Local artists can use the site to showcase their work on a global marketplace (and start earning money). The easy drop down menus enable local people to check out what is available to them in their local area –  wherever they are.

If you would like to find out more about how you can promote yourself or other people on, then contact me using the form below.


To showcase your work on this art website it costs just   £25  per annum with  NO COMMISSION ON SALES.

I will do all of the work.  All I ask is that artists are a little proactive by sending me new images and news about what they are up for me to share in my blog.



This site is dedicated to the memory of my mother Audrey whose `craftiness’, tenacity and resilience inspired me to create this website.

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