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SALTBURN OPEN STUDIOS I had a fabulous `arty' weekend which began with a visit to Saltburn Studios where our own Carol Shaw has studio space. It's a great location which provides studios for a range of artists, with a gallery space `front of house' for them to display their work.  Carol mentioned they were having an Open Day last weekend so I popped along.Saltburn Gallery




No new photo of you I’m afraid Carol as I was mesmerised by the poet/storyteller who provided entertainment, though there is a great shot of your boat in the background.




His story telling had us all on the edge of our seats.  Perhaps I could get him to come to the next York Place Gallery Open Day?

saltburn poet

Really enjoyed Margaret Jackson’s explanation of how she makes her felt and silk garments.  Don’t sell that scarf – it’s mine!

Margaret Jackson

felt scarf

What an inspiration all of these lovely artists are!  I especially liked the idea of `pass the painting’ – each person starts the painting, then passes it on for another to add their input.  Can’t wait to see the finished results.

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